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"Thanks D! You helped us out big time on this"  J.C. Seatle, WA
“Great news! Thank you for babysitting this order for us. Thanks a million!" S.C. San Jose, CA
"J, Thank you again for speaking with me this morning and going the extra mile to secure drivers which weren’t even listed on your website.  I certainly appreciate that very much.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours..." M.G. Colorado Springs, CO
“K, I can’t thank you enough for putting in all that time to help.  There was no one that was even interested in helping to find a cross or anything, so thank you very much I really appreciated it.  Have a great day.” B.D. Salt Lake City, UT
"K, Thank you again for your excellent customer service... If this will help, I would like to call and speak to a supervisor or even just forward this email to them so I can tell them how pleased I am with you support every time I speak with you. Great customer service is hard to come by in today's society and I just want to say thank YOU for always taking the extra steps for us." G.C. Rancho Cumcamonga, CA
"Oh, awesome! Thank you so much for following up K. It's a rarity for a lot of suppliers and I really do appreciate you caring and wanting to help me place this order, especially with rapidly depleting stock. Thanks again!" C.D. Chatsworth, CA
"C, Received the shipment today (which will be your yesterday by the time you open this email). Many thanks for the prompt service. Regards." W.G. Queensland, Australia
"Hi D, Thank you very much for your quick response and thanks for your team's support." E.H. Milpitas, CA
"E, I'd like to thank you and your firm for the great service you demonstrated to me yesterday. The parts arrived as promised and the work was able to continue. Best Regards." C.L. Seattle, WA
"Got the parts!! Thank you very much! The quality of service and expedited delivery will definitely weigh in heavily in our decision of who to go through for future orders... Thanks again for all of your help!"  H.C. Burbank, CA
"C, Thank you very much for expediting this order for me. I really appreciate the expedient service & the personal attention applied. We'll look forward to getting our installation done ahead of schedule thanks to your great work. Thanks again!"  D.G. Redondo Beach, CA
"E, Thanks for your immediate quotation. Have a great day!!" B.H. Whiting, NJ
"Hi D, Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know I got my drivers in the mail yesterday. Installed them last night  and they work like a charm! Thanks very much for your help. Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!" M.S. Calgary, Canada
"We picked-up parts this morning, thank you. Because of your extraordinary extra mile of service, we were able to satisfy our Customer. The lighting made it to the job/project on time. You get all the credit for that. SRE has been a performance supplier and we hope to do more with you and your company. Many thanks again D." C.C. Mountain View, CA
"C, thank you for your good service. Everything, was in good condition and it is exactly as I ordered.  I will contact you, whenever I need some other products. Thank you again." W.V.  Key Biscayne, FL
"K, Thanks, for your cooperation. I wish all of my suppliers were as accomodating as you are." S.O. Greenville, TX
"K, I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to use your web site this morning!  I was able to download and send my customer a spec sheet for verification before calling to ask about pricing and availability saving so much time all around for all involved, the customer, you as the supplier, and myself and I could see all the details needed to supply a correct part number.
Another great thing about your web site is I could immediately see where your company was located, with an 800 number and was able to calculated possible lead times for in stock material before responding to the customer…all before calling to check stock!  Also, I must say, on a personal note, when searching online for representatives or distributors for products for customers that I have scattered nationally if I cannot tell where the company is located I immediately back out and begin my search again and go elsewhere so cudos to you on your website for ease of use!" P.Q. Irving, TX
"B, This is perfect. Exactly what we needed. Much appreciated. You have come to our rescue again." V. E. Westlake Village, CA
"D, This is exactly what I need. Great detective work and perseverance! Thank you!" J.K. Santa Fe Springs, CA
"E, Thank you for very prompt service!" B.L. Bellevue, WA
"C, Just a line to say that items were delivered yesterday. Great service and communication levels. Pleasure doing business with you." D.M. Hampshire, UK
"K, I had to take a moment to send you a compliment. You are remarkable and have sales qualities that most others have left out of their jobs perfomance. Every time I have called for help you have always come through with proper timing and materials help. I just wish that others could find their jobs to be just as rewarding if they would only apply themself to be sales representative and not just an order taker." D.G. Houston, Texas