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Multi-contact produce industrial connectors, connectors for automatic systems as robots, manual welding guns, toolchangers and docking systems. Medical industry connectors and cable systems, Connectors for renewable systems including connectors, cables and junction boxes for photovoltaic systems and solar panels. Test and measurement accessories. Special application and customized solutions based on MC Multilam technology.

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Multi-Contact has a wide array of connectors and junction boxes and can get any type of Photovoltaics installation connected to the sun. Rely on Multi-Contacts innovative MULTILAM Technology for tried and trusted results that keep your PV installation up and running efficiently and safely. Ever since MC created the original connector their products have been successfully tested in the harshest conditions to help make your PV application suited for its surrounding environment. 

Part Number (Type)

32.0001-UR (PV-KST3I-UR)

32.0000-UR (PV-KBT3I-UR)

32.0002-UR (PV-KST3II-UR)

32.0003-UR (PV-KST3II-UR)

32.0014P0001-UR (PV-KBT4/6I-UR)

32.0015P0001-UR (PV-KST4/6I-UR)

32.0016P0001-UR (PV-KBT4/6II-UR)

32.0017P0001-UR (PV-KST4/6II-UR)

32.6020-19100 (PV-CZM19100)

32.6020-22100 (PV-CZM-22100)

32.6024 (PV -MS)       




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**Note: UL compliance requires MC tools be used on MC connectors because UL will not certify crossmating unless they are from the same manufacturer or contractual agreement between the two companies has taken place to share certification. 
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