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Riedon is a cutting edge resistor manufacturing company, specializing in high quality Power, Precision, Surface Mount, High Temperature, High Power and Custom Resistors.

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Riedon is committed to providing high-quality, cutting edge resistors.  A resistor from Riedon is sure to be extremely stable over time and function over wide operating temperatures.

Riedon manufacturers high-precision, wirewound resistors designed to give optimum performance by conforming to best practices in design and fabrication.

No matter the type for your customers need, Riedon has solutions for you. They carry a full range of resistor products and packages including:

                     Surface Mount                                             High Pulse                               High Power and TO Type            

Surface MountPulse WithstandingHeat Sink  

              High Voltage                              Current Sense/ Shunt Resistor                          Precision

High Voltage     Current Sense   Precision

              Custom                                                   Wire Wound                                              Leaded

Custom Resistors     Wire Wound   Leaded

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